A basic service management model

Here is the simple service management model used in the book Basic Service Management:
Seven Practice Areas

From the book:

There are several sources of service management theory. They all structure service management – slice it up - in different ways.

We’ll divide service management practices into seven areas or domains of activity you have to do to provide services:

Plan how you will run things and what you need to do

Solve your customers’ need: create a service

Evolve the way things work in your business in a controlled way

Provide the services to customers

Assure the services meet goals, requirements and regulations and are safe for you and your customers

Respond when things happen, especially when your customers ask for advice or assistance

Govern the system to ensure it meets objectives and stays within the bounds that have been set

The Plan and Assure domains are managing, Govern is …well… governing, and the other four are doing. These are our seven names for these areas - other theoretical frameworks use different names and/or slice it differently. We have tried to keep the model generic. What we describe leads into all the other bodies of knowledge: it is compatible; it won’t lead you in the wrong direction if you want to get into something deeper.