The Tipu value statement

People ask me what the value of Tipu: what is the Value On Investment (VOI) and how do you measure it? The answer is simple: unknown, and you can't.

The whole point of Tipu is to capture ad hoc work, and to leave it almost unmanaged.

So we don't know what people are going to to until they get half-way through a task (mahi) and have proposed an outcome. then we dont' have a good idea whether they will succeed and how much they will get done. So predicting the value delivered by Tipu? Forgetaboutit!

As we go, we keep a list of what was delivered. But there is no accurate benchmarking of before and after; little measurement of cost and return beyond tracking hours; and no post-implementation review. So the value derived? Anyone's guess.

The argument for doing Tipu is not based on financial return nor even on more general value derived.

You do Tipu because you hope this activity is going on anyway, so it makes sense to gets some visibility and control over it.

You do Tipu because you don't have a better option, such as a properly scoped, managed, and funded project. If you do, do it.