What Kamu means

I'm calling this initiative Kamu. Kamu is a New Zealand Maori word. I like using Maori words as they don't come with any baggage of prior usage in business or IT.

Kamu means "join together in singing the chorus to a song". In Maori waiata (communal songs), the men sing one verse, the women another, then they combine in the chorus, the kamu. Which I think sums up nicely what we want to achieve: each group has sung its verse, now it is time to sing a common song.


The symbol is a pikorua.
Piko is the new shoot of a fern frond, symbolising life and growth, also a path or journey.

Rua means two: there are two entwined pikopiko. The entwinement symbolises a relationship between two entities. They are entwined without beginning or end, symbolising eternity.

Hence the pikorua is the symbol of a lasting relationship that endures or returns over time.

With one twist in it, the pikorua symbolises eternal love or loyal friendship between two people. With multiple twists as I have used, it means the unity or reconciliation of two groups or cultures.